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app version: 8
stats version: 31 Oct 2019
BF3 Battle Reports
Battlefield V Weapon Stats
Raw stats compiled by and aquired from Sym
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Known Issues

  • Reload values for single rounds or stripper clips missing
  • No values for recoil or spread decrease
  • No values for spread increase
  • Sort can be slow or hang.
  • Sort removes any added variants
  • M30 Drilling rifle stats missing


  • Add reload values for single bullet and strippers
  • Update tooltips to be more descriptive
  • Add recoil/spread decrease if appropriate
  • Optimize sorting
  • Update M30 Drilling rifle stats if possible
  • Show all raw stats

Release Notes

Version 8 (3 Jul 2019)
  • Added the ability to show/hide weapon categories (LMGs, Bolt-Actions, SMGs, etc.).
Version 7 (1 Jul 2019)
  • Added Boys, VGO, LS/26, and Commando as weapons avaialble on Firestorm.
Version 6 (22 Apr 2019)
  • Added shortcut dropdown box to allow a user to 'Jump to' a weapon.
  • Added stats for the Commando Carbine (De Lisle Commando)
  • M1907 SF magazine size now has correct value of 21, was 16
Version 5 (28 Mar 2019)
  • Added drag coefficient for bullet speed.
  • All stats for the Ross Rifle Mk III now included
  • Changed customization button labels to match in-game labels
  • Optimized backend data for slightly better performance.
Version 4 (22 Mar 2019)
  • Added icon to indicate weapons included in the Firestorm game mode.
Version 3 (21 Mar 2019)
  • Updated Fast_Cycle on Bolt-Actions to display correct RoF
  • Added the ability to hide individual stat categories.
Version Beta 2 (11 Mar 2019)
  • Added some basic stats for the Ross Rifle
  • Added ammo type next to number of rounds
  • Incendiary rounds change color
Version Beta 1 (8 Mar 2019)
  • Initial Release
  • Sort By
    • RPM
    • Name
    • Bullet Speed
    • Magazine Size
    • Max Damage
    • Initial Vertical Recoil
    • Vertical Recoil
    • Horizontal Recoil
    • Deploy Time